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Informal survey: if you make your zine available digitally, what format do you publish in? I’ve seen a lot of PDF zines but very few EPUB files and I’m wondering why that is. 

(By the way, how many of you would digitize your zine if you could? I’m thinking I might offer a zine digitizing/uploading service for folks who don’t have a scanner.)

UPDATE: Thank you for liking this post if you’ve done so already, but I’d much rather have your feedback instead. So: epub, yea or nay?

UPDATE II: That’s more like it, thanks all! Your responses are very helpful. At the moment it sounds like there isn’t a lot of zineing done in epub format, and I’m curious to see how zinesters would work with it - apparently getting your work out there on ereaders is still an uncommon goal for zine creators - so, if you know anyone who is doing this, please send them my way! 

  1. awcomix answered: I work with image file, so PDFs work for me. Details here,…
  2. pushithigh answered: PDF please!
  3. chrischelberg answered: I would prefer EPUB unless there were a lot of important layout details/images.
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    Yes, epub!
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  6. ebookporn answered: Both. If you want to sell your Zine on Amazon or the iBookstore then ePub. To avoid “the man” and go right to web then PDF
  7. mlmcrae said: I think .epub files were for e-readers so that they could reformat the text to suit their screen, and .pdf allows for control over layout? Also I don’t think .epub supports images particularly well
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